How Provigil enhances cognition?

In the modern world where proving out to be the best, beating the cut through competition is what the battle is all about, central nervous system stimulants that promote wakefulness and enhances alertness and cognition have become the crucial weapons.

There are lot of medications that are available online and they have established their miraculous potential of improving CNS functioning and one amongst the best is Modafinil which is sold under brand name Provigil in the US. The medicine is also availble online at many online pharmacy. One can also go to exl pharmacy which sells authentic and best pills of provigil and it has also given customer satisfaction, both delivery time and about the product.

How Provigil enhances cognition?

Not much is known about the mode of action that Provigil follows to cause the effect. But attempts to understand the pharmacodynamics of the drug suggest taking Provigil-induced wakefulness can be associated with its dopamine reuptake inhibition property that has been studied in animals, in vitro.

It is believed that Provigil selectively and prominently increases the neuronal activation in certain regions of the brain associated with alertness and cognition. When taken within right dose limits, Provigil can surprise you with its wonders so get your cognitive abilities and sleepiness issues resolved with this drug.

Provigil promotes wakefulness

Provigil has been a promising drug when it comes to improving wakefulness amongst the people who experience all day sleepiness, dullness and fatigue as a result of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift work disorder. Provigil medication has become popular amongst the students who need to stay awoke one night before exams to cram all that is possible. And for the people who find it difficult to stay awake during the day due to altered sleep-wake rhythm associated with irregular day and night shifts at the work place Provigil is the best friend.

Additionally, several studies support the fact that the ‘smart drug’ has the ability to improve memory, decision-making ability, planning skills and enhances cognitive abilities.

Is there any risk associated with provigil administration?

Provigil possess the risk of hampering health with its ill-effects and may also make the user tolerant, dependent and addicted to the drug in the long run. Concerning the issue, regulatory authorities have stated Provigil under Schedule IV controlled substance that is illegal to buy without a prescription.

Some of the common side effects of Provigil administration include nausea and headache while anorexia and xerostomia may also occur. The drug has also been reported to affect gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and nervous system. The occurrence, as well as severity of the side effects, is highly variable depending on user’s age, medical condition and interaction with other drugs and alcohol in the body.

Some may even be allergic to certain ingredients of provigil formulations resulting in skin rashes or hives.

Warning and precaution

The information regarding dietary intake, existing or past medical conditions and medications should be shared with the physician before getting Provigil prescribed.

In case, even mild abnormality is observed on administration of Provigil, reporting the same to the concerned health care provider should be done as soon as possible to eliminate the probabilities of mild effects turning adverse.

Where can one get Provigil from?

Like other regulated drugs, Provigil can be accessed easily from licensed pharmacies via both online and offline modes once the prescription from a medical practitioner is obtained. Most people nowadays opt for online purchase of the medication, as it is convenient and it saves time as well as energy in an individual. If you planning to buy Modafinil online, then you are suggested to pay a visit to, the most trusted Modafinil online pharmacy, which provides genuine drugs to people at a low price without compromising on the quality of the pills.