Alzheimer's disease and weight gain

Alzheimer's disease and weight gain.jpgExcessive weight gain at any point at all in one’s life can be quite bad for one’s health as it raises the risk of developing other health issues. Certain patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease tend to gain more weight as the disease progresses, while others tend to lose a lot of weight. Medical researchers may not have found a cure for the condition yet, but they have been able to understand the problem of weight gain in Alzheimer’s patients. More on this below.

Why do some Alzheimer's patients gain weight?

The persons battling the disease of Alzheimer’s, wherein the brain cells start to die progressively, undergo a sudden shift in appetite. The brain produces insulin just like the pancreas, but this function reduces as the condition worsens. What happens is that the taste buds become altered and there is an increased craving for sugary or calorie-rich foods. The parts of the brain that die in Alzheimer’s patients affect self-restraint and also memory function. Sometimes, the person would forget having eaten and consume more foods in the process. The uncontrolled cravings also become difficult to manage for the caregivers and sometimes allow the patients to indulge. It is quite easy for the weight to shoot up during this period.

Weight gain and the risk of developing Alzheimer's

The problem of being overweight during one’s middle age has been linked to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease. According to many studies conducted in persons aged 50 and with a high BMI, it was found that the disease was accelerated by at least seven months. Being obese has often been associated with different metabolic disorders, stroke, and even high blood pressure, all of which increase the chances of developing the problem. Maintaining a healthy weight, especially during middle age, is important to avoid developing such problems. Since the Alzheimer’s does not really have a cure and is difficult to manage, it is far better to reduce all factors that can add to the risk of developing it.

Using Phentermine weight loss drug in Alzheimer’s patients

Unusual cravings in Alzheimer’s patients can be managed only to a certain extent. It is up to the care givers to ensure that all meals are healthy and include an assortment of nutrients. Indulging in high calorie foods is alright if the person is nearing the end of his or her life.

It is possible to bring down the excessive weight gain with the use of the appetite suppressant Phentermine. The drug also helps in keeping the mind focused and more alert, which would work in favor of Alzheimer’s patients. Consult with the doctor in order to obtain the correct dosage of Phentermine as suitable for elderly people.